There is no doubt that in 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we go about our life in so many ways. From schools switching to e-learning to offices moving to work-from- home, every aspect of our lives has been impacted. 

In the UAE itself, while on the one hand, people are grappling with layoffs and pay cuts and small independent stores are seeing a crippling decrease in footfall; the pandemic has also in a conspicuous way driven people to think creatively about new and self-sustaining sources of income including establishing their own businesses right from their homes.  

Stemming from our personal desire to set up our own venture, we have created a user friendly platform to enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to reach a wider audience. Using this portal as their own online store, they can save on the costs of creating and maintaining an individual e-commerce website or avoid getting overlooked in a sea of sellers on vast competitive platforms with hefty costs to register and stay on these sites. 

Whether you are a consumer who now mostly shops online and you are searching for customized or unique products on a budget or you are an independent store owner striving to engage customers virtually, we are here to support you. 

As we all come to terms with the new ways we conduct business, new ways we access services, new ways we reach out to one another or our new way of life even, we are here with you to leave our footprints in the sand.