Stay safe, Stay home. Shop online !

With the onset of the internet in the early 90’s, several of our habits changed. From the way we catch up with friends, reading newspapers on the way to work, or deciding which restaurant to eat, getting movie reviews or finding a book. In 2020, with the emergence of the global pandemic, our world was further catapulted to depend on the internet to access more services without leaving home.

While there are still some of us who are not so comfortable with buying things we need online, it is not only more advisable to keep ourselves and our families safe but it comes with it’s own benefits including the comfort of buying from your own couch that makes it a better choice. So here’s why you should lose any fear or second thoughts and take advantage of buying online.


Many people prefer to buy online because they don’t have to leave their apartment or home to make their purchase, either because they simply cannot or to save time, to avoid going to crowded places or just plainly for convenience.

You can make your purchase from the comfort of your sofa while sipping on a coffee or while traveling or waiting anywhere, even from your phone or mobile device. With a just a few clicks, the product is delivered right to your door!

You also end up saving travel time, avoid waiting for a bus or taxi, getting stuck in traffic or the hassle of finding a parking spot! In addition, during certain times of the year such as public holidays or observances, such as at Halloween, buying online can save you from the crowds of people, or the long queues to pay for the items.


Unlike the restrictions that come with fixed store or mall opening and closing hours, on the internet, we have the freedom to buy at any time of the day or night.

You can buy at a time that is convenient to you, without worrying about making it to the store before closing time or reaching after the product you want is no longer in stock or available.

Best offers

Another reason why many people prefer to buy online is that they can find better deals or lower prices. Selling online means a huge cost-saving for the brand, which in many cases translates into better prices.

Often, there are ‘online only’ discounts which are not available in the stores to encourage more consumers to make their purchases online.

More information

Buying on the internet allows you to get in depth information on the product –it’s origin, benefits, issues, effects, etc. that you are looking for. Product reviews are a great way to check opinions of other buyers. This information provides greater security and confidence to help you make the purchase especially when making a high value purchase.

Compare all the products without a rush

You can take the time you need to see which brand in particular suits your style or your budget, as well as compare the same product with other brands and get evaluations made by other users.

Of course, you also have the option to google a product and browse multiple sites to find all the information about that product.  In this way, you can buy cheaper, with more peace of mind, and take the time you need to make your final choice.

No more heavy shopping bags. Phew!

In an online supermarket, you can purchase stocks for the liters of milk or juice you want so you don’t have to go through the experience of suddenly running out of them right at breakfast or dinner time. And the best part – you don’t have to carry the heavy shopping bags home yourself!

Moreover, the assortment is enormous: unlike a physical store, an online store is not limited by the availability of space on display shelves and can therefore offer you thousands of products.


Yes. Although it is one of the main reasons why some people still hesitate to buy online, the reality is that making the payment for a purchase online is usually safer than doing it outside. That is, as long as we follow guidelines and security measures such as not sharing our passwords and making our purchases on reliable websites. When making an online payment for a purchase, it is recommended to do it through known payment systems such as PayPal or Visa, MasterCard, etc., through payment gateways of banking entities (virtual pos).

You save a lot of time

This of course is a no brainer! Indeed, if you buy online, to start with, you save yourself from having to go to the supermarket or the mall, walk through the aisles collecting the purchases, waiting through payment lines and, finally, loading the car to return home or lugging all the bags in a metro, bus or taxi.

In 2016, a study calculated that people spend on average, two hours a week shopping at the mall. On the other hand, in making the purchase online you can invest 20 minutes or even less. That is, eight hours a month that can reduce to just a little over one hour on the internet. That’s almost seven hours saved in a month! Think about how much more free time you’d have on your hands to catch up a series you’ve been meaning to watch on Netflix or a new book you’ve been waiting to start reading or just spending a lazy Friday taking a nap on the couch. Now wouldn’t that be amazing?

Stay Safe

In the midst of a global health crisis, if we have to turn the clock back, we have to stop the pandemic. As advised by our governments and health authorities, the best solution is to break the chain of transmission. This can only be achieved by limiting our exposure to the pathogen. That would mean remaining indoors as much as possible.

So let’s stay at home. Watch TV. Read books. Try a new dish. Chat with friends. And Shop Online!


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