How to do a Home Makeover on a budget

With the rise of the global pandemic, we are all living in our homes a lot more now, possibly more than we ever have. Even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you can still make a few easy changes by simply rearranging furniture or by adding an element or two that can make your home look like a brand new space.

Here are some simple ideas that can help you refresh your home, with minimal effort and within a small budget.


A cluttered space has the potential to cause stress, impact productivity and generally make household tasks much more difficult. To begin with, try to narrow your space down to essentials. There are often accessories and large unused pieces of furniture that really do not need to be in your house. Get rid of unwanted accessories, so that you have less items to organise and focus on what really matters.


A couple of spacing adjustments can make a big difference. When rearranging, feel free to experiment with different layouts. Every room deserves a focal point. It can be an artwork, a TV unit, a window or a wall with photo frames. Arrange your furniture around this focal point.

Add interest to your entryway 

The entrance to an apartment or villa is a makeover opportunity that’s often overlooked. This space is the first and sometimes only part of your home visitors see. Add a potted plant, some artwork or get a new doormat. Instantly your entrance will feel more welcoming not only for visitors but also for you.

Update your cushions

The easiest way to refresh your home is by mixing and swapping cushions or covers. Look for covers in different colors and patterns that will coordinate with the palette of the specific room.

Try adding a round cushion to the mix and play with different sizes and textures. Getting new cushions is the quickest and most cost-effective makeover trick for your living space and will automatically change the appearance of the room.

Change your table settings

This is one of the easiest and rather ignored ways to get a quick new look at a small price. A simple change of tablecloths, napkins holders, quirky salt and pepper shakers or placing a beautiful flower vase can make a significant difference to the appearance of the place.

Add an elegant touch with rugs

A rug can totally change the look of any room. If you are looking to pull a room together by only adding one item, then, the rug is an excellent place to start. Use contrasting colors that will compliment your room. Hues of blue, grey and white are always a safe bet.


Add some greenery

One of the easiest things you can do to freshen up your home is to add flowers or plants. Having plants inside your home not just adds to the aesthetics of your decor, but also has a calming effect. Keeping small indoor plants like Devil’s Ivy, succulents, colourful cacti or even aloe vera adds a lots of charm to your home. You can add a few pebbles to the pots to enhance the look.

Give it a personal touch

Have an empty wall in the kitchen? Hang a pinup board to stick recipes, photos or some quotes. The idea is to have a bright eye-catching decorative piece for a dull corner at no-cost.

Swap accessories

If you don’t have the budget for new accessories, simply swap accessories between different rooms. For eg. Swap your bedroom artwork with the living room or combine a few pieces and make an illusion of a bigger artwork. You can also rearrange photo frames on a wall, to refresh the look of the room.

Look at each room in your home and think about how you really want to use it. Get organized and only keep things that truly make you happy or feel inspired. This is a great time to tackle home improvement projects inside and out. Be creative and go with what you love.

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