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GlobalStar Nail File Flower

AED 5.25

Rounded end, the pedicure files are safe to the skin

GlobalStar Ultraviolet Sterilizer M-2009

AED 231.00

Designed for professional use.

Jackie Nail Tint Sanitizer With Benzalkonium Chloride

AED 29.00

Jackie Nail Tint Sanitizer with Benzalkonium Chloride or Merthiolate Solutions

Jackie Cuticle Remover With Moisturizer

AED 29.00

Gently softens and helps remove overgrown cuticle, dry cracked nails and dead skin.

GlobalStar 4 way Quick Shiner Buffer Block

AED 5.25

4-Ways Buffer Block, file nail edge, remove ridges, smooth nail and shine nail